Debugging JavaScript/JavaScript apps with IDE(vscode).

We all as a JavaScript developer familiar with the tools to debug our js code in using firebug and dev-tools. there is a lot there to debug JavaScript in the dev-tools. Add a breakpoint and then to the code and more. But as nodeJs developer we miss the IDE support for the Debugging like putting breakpoint in the source files.

But, that was the past. Now, our friend vscode by microsoft is the IDE that we are seeking to get help with.

In this post will list all the possible ways to debug our node/JavaScript apps.


There are many ways to debug a node application. Assume you have a script file app.js.

  • Debug using node context in the comand line
node debug app.js

This command will put break point and will show us the context of the code node is running. There are more commands for help. just type help in the console. to see the list of commands.

  • --inspect to run the V8 in the chrome.
    node --inspect app.js
    node --inspect --debug-brk app.js //will create brk point on the line1.

    This will give a debug url to like this

 To start debugging, open the following URL in Chrome:

copy and past this url into the chrome browser and enjoy.