Angular with Angular-animation is great. We started our project including angualr#1.2.16, angualr-animate#1.2.16 and ui-router. We had some animation in our app using angular-animate module.

Currently, our team decided to upgrade angular version from 1.2 to 1.4.1. The up-gradation was smooth every thing was working as expected but animations on the page.

After hours of debugging we found that angualr-animate was not recognizing any animation. We found that magic classes like ng-hide-active, ng-animate, ... were missing. That is angular animation is doing nothing. see the pen.

See the Pen NqMNeZ by lokesh kumar jain (@lokeshjain2008) on CodePen.

Working pen. The solution was to make move Ui-view from body tag.

<body Ui-view>
    <div ></div>

to div tag.

    <div ui-view></div>

See the Pen BNxKGM by lokesh kumar jain (@lokeshjain2008) on CodePen.