Ruby is greate language and ROR is greatest framework of all time. Both set the standard for the other to follow and learn. I have been using this from long time now and still amazed by it.

In this post will be adding list of all great plugins and some tips and concepts to keep in mind.

Greate gems makes you rich.

  • Faye-rails: this gem helpt to achive pub/sub model in for rails and based on faye. link Here is a link to article that uses ` private_pub` to create message app. This can be used for push notifications.alternates for push

  • RabbitMQ: Event sourcing on Rails with RabbitMQ. There is link to the greate article using this. link

  • Rubocop: code analyzer. This gem will analyze your code and and tells you to write good code link

  • flog: To read the code complexity of the code you have written. link

  • fog: for the colud maintenance.

  • Celluloid: provides a simple and natural way to build fault-tolerant concurrent programs in Ruby. With Celluloid, you can build systems out of concurrent objects just as easily as you build sequential programs out of regular

  • faraday: for more read [this] (

  • typhoeus: for more visit the link

  • brakeman: for sequrity and check for the errors link

  • pundit: patterns to build a simple, robust and scaleable authorization

  • Testing
    • webmock , ``

      Some key concepts in ruby and ROR.

  • Observers in Rails ActiveRecord::Observers We can delegate the responsiblity of observing changes in model attibutes and responding to those changes, to a seperate Observer class. Model specific event handling is much cleaner this way. This way, we can refrain from polluting the model by adding not un-necessary methods.

    For more visit the link This Question on the stackoverflowlink Talks more on sub/pub and events.

  • How to use concerns in rails 4? link This Question has great answers to this question