We need serialization in ruby for the data data sharing and object sharing in the program. There are three methods for the serialization in ruby.

  1. Yaml
  2. Marshaling
  3. ‘Json’

Here is ruby code

 "children"=>{"John"=>{"age"=>1, "height"=>10},
             "Adam"=>{"age"=>2, "height"=>20},
             "Robert"=>{"age"=>3, "height"=>30}},
 "traits"=>["smart", "nice", "caring"]}

All three methods have load and dump method.

  1. Marshal.dump
  2. Marshal.load
    • YAML::dump()
    • YAML::load()
    • JSON:: dump
    • JSON::load

Note: json doesn’t doesn’t work for the object serialization.

class Test
	attr_accessor :name,:age
	def initialize name, age
		@name = name
		@age  = age

test_object = Test.new "Hello world",9998989

~ JSON::dump(test_object) will fail ~