‘Jekyll’ is awesome for the developers who are familiar with github. This becomes easy to write blogs and share common mistakes and solutions.


According to the jekyll-documentations we can include ‘plugins’ as

gem: [plugin-name]

Add this gem to Gemfile and install it. gem install plugin-name

Mistakes that i commited in the process

  1. mistaken the gem with plugin.
plugins: [plugin-name]
  1. put plugins in the _plugins directory.
  2. No plugin was workign as expected.


Either follow the given step above but that is not suitable as almost every jekyll-plugin is a module. the correct way is to

  1. create _plugins' directory. mkdir _plugins`

  2. in _confing.yaml remove all the keys related to plugins or gem.

  3. Just add the modules/files to the _plugins folder.

This is the way to work with jekyll-plugins.