This is the link to make this work. 1. Autosave, configuration for the windows.

You can also try this new

2. Bover and use of the bower.
 Meet Bower: A Package Manager For The Web

3.Coffee script and some useful commands.
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to CoffeeScript.
a. Some good tips, regarding setTimeout in javascript using coffee
setTimeout ( ->
something param
), 1000
The parentheses are optional, but starting the line with a comma seemed messy to me.
Global in CoffeeScript and some talk about it.

4. Yomen 
There some very good starting videos. about Grunt, bower and Yomen.

5.CoffeeScript and AngularJS:

6. Angularjs some tips and resources
6.1 Some tips for the jQuery developers to move to Angular js.

7.Ember.js-Infused CoffeeScript